Monday, February 13, 2006

My son has Substance abuse problems.

Hello Everyone,
As you can see my son is having substance abuse problems, now he's a pot head and has a drinking problem. Hopefully he can overcome these problems with little difficulty.
We set a new personal record today, -57 with wind chill. The blizzard is still going on and I have found a new pleasure in life. As sick as it sounds its wonderful to come home during a 4 day blizzard and smell that distinctive odor that means your house was pumped out and you can quit conserving water... Yeahhh!!!! Today I was thinking about vacation down south and it occured to me how fast we all adapt. The idea of being outside in +30 C seems alien and somehow wrong, how can you people in the south stand such absurd temperatures? If we were meant to live in hot enviroments we'd be cold blooded creatures.
Take Care,


Anonymous said...

Cute pics of Christopher somehow I knew he would take after his daddy. lol. Just a quick note read your e-mail from me it concerns an important piece of paper you need. Talk later

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures of Christopher. He is growing up before our very eyes.

What a wild weather trip we are experiencing. Yesterday, we had thunder and lightening and heavy rains, now the forecast is saying we are in for a fast freeze, high winds and bone chilling temperatures. I am sure you wouldn't agree that our temperatures are all that cold, but when you go from +13 to our overnight forecast of -15, it does something to the body.

Have you been watching any of the Olympic coverage? Some of the newer additions this year are quite exciting to watch, especially the team snowboarding and team speed skating. I am really looking forward to the ice hockey - both women and mens.

I hope your weather warms up. I just can't believe that people can exist in -52 degrees. Take care.