Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Virus Alert

Hello Everyone,
Well Baker Lake is in Lockdown due to a virus going around, Last Thursday the Day Care and the Arena closed to try and slow down the virus's spreading. On Friday the health center asked the store to stop children under 12 from hanging around the quickstop as well as closing the public school. Saturday they cancelled a hockey tournament in town. Monday they closed the High School and asked us to stop children under 12 from entering the store. Its starting to hit our staff (we hope, either way they are asking to go home). Christopher hasn't left the house in 5 days and is starting to go a little stir crazy, but as yet we are all still healthy, knock on wood.
Take Care,


Anonymous said...

Hi Curtis - Over the past few days, I have visted the blog, but had not left any comments. These past few weeks, there has been a lot happening with our family.

My daughter-in-law, Katie is fighting cancer and there have been some tense moments. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in Nov. 04 and had radiation and chemo therapy, lasting for several months. All seemed to be working, the tumor was shrinking etc. Then after her last MRI in Dec, it was discovered that it was again growing, so another round of tests. She is once again starting chemo on Monday Feb 6th. It certainly puts things into perspective when life threatening illness hits your family.

The virus you say is making the rounds there - is it quite serious? I hope you and your family remain healthy. BTW - do you have a doctor in town or can you easily access medical services?

I love how Christopher "decorated" his room. Crayons aren't so bad to remove. My daughter when she was about four, drew very large pictures on her wall with permanent markers!! Let me tell you, it took several coats of that special paint to cover stains, to completely block it out. I have heard that the Mr. Clean eraser works pretty good on crayon.

Your successor is not as generous as you were - (I just had my evaluation). Oh well, that's life, eh? So far, I have had a different asst, mgr for every eval that I have had at that place.

Take care and keep healthy- Rosalie

Anonymous said...

So how are you all doing? Have you managed to avoid the plague?