Saturday, April 22, 2006

Do Not Proceed

Hello Everyone,
If you scroll down past this post you will encounter photo's that may be disturbing to some, so be Warned. Yesterday a Grizzly Bear that wandered into town until he was met by one of our hunters. These photo's are of the front yard of the hunter who killed the animal. This is essentially all that's left, All the meat is in the freezer, the entrails fed to his dogs, the skin drying to be treated, and the skull is a lawn ornament. Don't complain about those stupid little gnomes your nieghbour has, you never know who'll move in next :)
The Bears are very active and aggressive this time of year, as last weeks warm temps have brought some of them out of hibernation, and they wake hungary. Its not dangerous you just have to be aware, and keep inside town limits, if your unprotected.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

Cool! Can ya git me one of those for my front lawn? Bet that would keep the neighbourhood cats off our lawn. Not to mention scare the neighbours. lol WOW. Watch out for the bears.

Anonymous said...

You can definitely see from the bear skull how the native drawings come to be. Some of the depictions esp. from the west coast look similar to the skull. Does that make any sense?

Anonymous said...

Hi Curtis,

found you via nunablog. Are you interested in submitting your blog to Nunavut Blogs! It's a small little blog roll of Nunavut bloggers. Follow my link and scroll down to the bottom of the badges for the link to it. Send me an email if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Oh man! Why do I read your posts at lunch time? Love the comment about the garden gnomes though. Think of the potential if you have a neighbour you want to get rid of!!! Make yours the ugly house on the block :+)

Curtis Groom said...

Dear Dragonflyte,
I'm sorry to hear about your lunch. Iguess the 2 posting saying graphic, and warning were a little subtle to discourage eating while viewing. Next time I'll say TINA, DON'T EAT WHILE READING THIS!!!!!! THIS MEANS YOU!!!!!
would that work???

Anonymous said...

That comment was worthy of a snort, so........


Anonymous said...

Hi Curtis - The hour is late, but couldn't sleep, so decided to see what you have been up to. Egad, what photos!!!!! I was glad to read that all , or almost all of the bear was used. Would not having that "head" around attract other animals? Thank heavens the weather is chilly, otherwise, I would imagine the smell would be "unbearable" LOL

Ed said that if you see a bear skinned, it very much resembles a human. Not sure what type of bear he has seen, in this manner, but know that I wouldn't care to view it.

We are once again assembling our teams for the Cancer Relay in June. It is very personal for me this time around, as my daughter-in-law, Katie, is taking chemo at the present time. I haven't asked you - do you hear of many cancer patients there in the north? I am becoming more and more convinced that environment is playing a huge role in the increased numbers of cancer. BTW, do you want to pledge me? I am taking online pledges -- hint, hint

Well, I am drawing a blank, so should end this and get some sleep. Hope you continue to enjoy your adventures and reporting them to us southerners. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Yuk those are terrible pictures. that would not be my idea of an lawn ornament. i am still plugging away at work here. Rosalie and I are walking again this year in the cancer walk. I hope my knees hold out . I have severe osteoarthritis in both.I can't take the meds had side effects. I bet up there the bones would ache all the time with the cold. You talk much about illness up there. Rosalie is having her own struggles with that cancer in her family again.I hope all goes well for them . Rosalie is a special person to me.She is my rock sometimes. Can you fill us in on what illness are predominent there? Colds don't count.I am curious as is Rosalie if these are environmental.Well have to get ready for work. Oh guess what I get to work onb my holidays because we are so short staffed.Cool eh? Well you take care hope all is well and expect answers soon from you . Donna