Sunday, May 28, 2006

June at the Beach

Hello Everyone,
As everyone know's, June's our first chance to welcome summer by hitting the beach and playing in the sand. As you can see Christopher go a head start by a couple of days and spent the afternoon building castles in the sand and soaking up some rays.


Anonymous said...

I got a chuckle out of your posting describing Christopher's day at the beach. There is just one big difference - most here in the south, hit the beach wearing next to nothing and it was funny to see him building sand castles in his winter coat!!

Are you still having really long days? I guess one would actually have to experience that to comprehend how it affects your internal clock.

Donna, myself and 13 others from Walmart will be participating in the cancer relay for life on June 9&10th. I hope we enjoy good weather like we experienced last year and if this week is any indication, summer is off to a very hot start. The mercury reached into the 30's today and by Tuesday and Wednesday, when you factor in humidity, it should be feeling like 40. Our head office must be trying to save some cash, as we were sweating today at work and no sign that they intend to crank up the A/C. Now I know where that term "sweat shop" comes from -- LOL. We were wondering out loud if someone has to inform Bentonville that is actually quite hot up here in Canada. Perhaps they think we are still snowshoeing to work each day!!!

Hope things are well with all of you and that each day is still exciting. Take care -- Rosalie

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Nothing like a relaxing day at the beach. So where are the pix of 'Lissa in her bikini? What is Christopher playing with?