Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Winter Storm Warning

Hello Everyone,
We woke up today to a winter storm warning and accumulations of upto 15 cm today. Luckily the temp remained high enough that the snow melted on the ground, but it was interesting calling the weather office today and hearing that. BTW, All planes were cancelled today due to the storm... Gettin nervous yet Tina? A $3,000 dollar trip and the most exotic thing you'll see is Winnipeg, you thought June was safe, WAAAHHHAAAAHHHAAA. Actually I'm sure you'll be alright, See you Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Little hint to your company... it's only a $2000 trip if you book more than 14 days in advance. So they'll save money by giving you notice on when you get to come home, when you get to move etc :+)

No worries - I've already prepped my boss - sorry Sir, won't be back at work on Monday - snowed in up north and there is absolutely NO way out of here!!!! Have you got any pull in that neighbourhood?

4 more sleeps!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way - I know it's a day early but I wanted to be first to say it...


Hope you have a great day!

T :+)

Anonymous said...

Hi there;
Sent a card but it won't get there in time, especially if flights are still being cancelled.

Hope you have a great visit with Tina, give her my best.

The beach looks cold and wet. Christopher looked like he was having a great, messy time.
The pool was 74 yesterday, the boys didn't stay in too long. Too cold :)
Take care,