Thursday, May 18, 2006

May in Baker

Hello Everyone
Well, Its been a fun month with the temps flirting with zero for most of the month ( and above a couple of times) its been fun to get out after a long winter. The games have been fun. Christopher won the only game he played which was called sock bracelets, In which socks had been cut so only the elastic cuffs were left, Then a group of three year olds sat in a circle and rolled a die when they roled a one they had to run to the center and put as many of the sock cuffs on thier arms as they could before the next child could roll a one, christopher got 12 which isn't bad considering he didn't really "get" the game. Melissa created the snow face pictured above.
As to Donna's ever so subtle requests for medical information... I really can't commit to any illness's and their relativity to southern illnesses, There is cancer, however it doesn't seem that different to the percents down south. we lost a elder this week to Cancer, however she was 93, which has to be a factor. I guess that it's not discussed as freely as down south. Illness is discussed not causes. I wouldn't say as many "young" people suffer from the disease as there should be with the incredibliby high rate of smoking and users of other tobacco products. Many people who suffer from Harsh diseases such as these tend to "dissapear" since treatment is not available up here for these types of diseases. Overall, I'd have to say that it is my uninformed opinion that disease rates are lower up here than down south. Diseases I would expect to see in higher numbers, such as Down's syndrome, liver disease, Alzheimers, and throat, mouth and lung cancers would be lower than lifestlye would have one presume. And that is my 1 cent worth.
Now, since I don't want a bunch of advertisments to the left of this article to switch to cancer treatments I am going to load the board to keep it northern focused: arctic, tundra, northern, polar, bear, ice, snow, wolf, bunting, sled, dog team, cold, winter, iceberg, seal, whale, caribou, buggy, igloo. Ok that should do it.
Take care

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Curtis. I don't like to be the bearer of bad news but I thought you might like to know that Glenna had a brain tumor removed and it was cancer, she is stating treatment and won't be back to work. Wendy Tait has taken a leave of absence no one knows why.She appeared to be having alot of stress so she needs the rest. Helen got the dept. manager job of sports.Tammy is going in for surgery. Judi lyn has a spot on her head opn the inside that they are concerned about she has to go for more tests. They seem to be falling apart here.I hope all is well there and Christopher sure looked like he was having fun. Melissa WOW what a sculpture . I hope to hear from you soon take care and write back.