Thursday, June 15, 2006

On the Road Again

Hello Everyone
Well, Things change. In order to follow this rule Melissa, Christopher and I are moving. we're moving to another Northern Store to finish off my training. we'll be moving to Repulse Bay above the Arctic circle. Its a small community on the shores of Northern Hudsons Bay. I was just going to do a relief there but now We'll be moving there for a few months till we're ready... or a store's ready for us. This should be a neat experience for us all, and this location is on a Polar Bear migration route, that just might rovide some interesting experiences.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

Hi Curtis - Happy to hear that you are excited about moving. I am sure we will all will soon see pictues of polar bears on your blog.

It was nice that you were able to have a visitor from the south. BTW, I must have missed a few entries - is Tina your sister or Melissa's?

Things are heating up this week and we may finally be getting summer. I was surprised to see some of the temperatures posted for some northern communities, especially Yellowknife.

Love all your photos and hope you send lots when you arrive in Repulse - egads, what a name, eh?

Take care -- Rosalie

Curtis Groom said...

rosalie- this is melissa- Tina is my best friend. And boy did she prove that coming up here to spent my birthday week with us. Big fun!!
hope it doesn't get too hot down there!

Anonymous said...

Well you are on the road again. Did you ever think that you would be doing this in your life. I hope you are still able to come down in August. I too am looking forward to your pics.The weather is warm too warm. The store is like an oven but we must work away.I am working Canada Day with Visnja and Rich we are setting up back to school. Should be fun. Hope to hear from you soon .