Tuesday, July 11, 2006

With a borrowed Modem and a new home

Hello Everyone,
Well, With one minor casuality (our Modem) we have safely arrived in Repulse Bay. We have too many stories to share on a borrowed modem and too many photo's to post tonight. However we hope to offer a glimpse of our new town and experiences. We spent Canada Day watching the icebergs in the bay lazily drift back and forth while enjoying a BBQ in a balmy 10 weather. Actually its been as high as 22 here since we arrived. the town and people are wonderful, very friendly and open, with a wonderful sense of humor and spirit. I thought the people of Baker were fun, but these people are even more outgoing and fun. Our house overlooks the bay and I've seen seals and whales from my front door so far, however these creatures have trouble staying still, or above water for a photo. Hopefully soon we'll be adding some exciting wildlife photo's to the collection. Anyways, I want to get as many Photo's uploaded before I go to Bed so I must get started.
BTW, for those who haven't heard (my Tillsonburg Freinds), Melissa and I have had to cancel our vacation plans indefinitly.
Missing you guys.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

All out your front door? Oh man! I picked the wrong place to visit... :+)

Kidding!!! I'm very grateful I got to see the whole gang, and probably timed my visit for the best time possible - before the hassle of the move, and not now in the uncertainty of your timing. Very good to see y'all back on line. I don't know Curt - you are sounding more and more content up there - are you sure we're going to see you back at all? Good luck! Enjoy being the Big Boss for a while :+)

Smiles & Chuckles,
T :+)

Anonymous said...

Well this friend from Tillsonburg is not happy that you are not coming home.I am happy that you got there safely and you all look like you are enjoying your adventure. I hope to see lots of pics and here from you. Good luck at your new store all the best Donna

Anonymous said...

OOOHH! I want to see pictures of icebergs! Please?!? Man, I actually was polite to Curt. Must really want to see icebergs.