Friday, August 18, 2006

Belated Posting

Hello Everyone,
Well its that time of year when sitting at the computer to do this blog is taking a little extra willpower and as of yet I've been losing. The Bay is a hive of activity lately, yesterday the first Beluga whales were spotted in the Bay and later that day there was a Orca hunting in the Bay. I really wish I could post pictures of these events however since you never know where the whale's will surface and they only surface for a instant to take a breath, it's becoming apparent that wildlife photography of underwater animals really sucks. My camera can't focus fast enough before the shot is gone.
Work is progressing along, but we're still uncertain about what the future will hold or when that future will be thrust into the present. Sickness is still wandering around town and has left its effect on our household, we just got over the flu and now we all have colds. I guess we were all a little weak after the relief and more suseptable to what was going around. There was a funeral today for a infant that died yesterday, sad. SID's is susupected but the body is being shipped out to Edmonton today.
The teachers are all back and school started on august 4, Which affected our lives as that was also when Daycare opened and Melissa got to take a well desearved break.
The other day I did a delivery to one of my associates houses and it was quite a experience, The North sufferers from a terrible shortage of public housing. Repulse Bay is one of the worst communities in Nunavut with 5.1 people per single bedroom. This Cabin where my associate and his 6 sisters and mother and father live, is approx 14X12, is located about 3 miles of rocky tundra from town. the "Cabin" plywood building biult ontop of 8 skids has no plumbing, heating, water, electricity or anything else that would make life liveble. His sister have to walk about a hour through difficult terrian to get to school, and to top it off they are in a area frequented by Polar bears.

Anyways I'll see if I can find a couple of photo's to include of the area in which my associate lives,
Take Care,

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Thanks for the post, Curt!