Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One Year, 1800 miles

Hello Everyone,
Well today marks one year north of 60. We've missed our friends and family, fast food, shopping, medical services, visiting, grass, trees, heat, thunder and lightning, humidity, farmers markets, NTN, liquor stores, camping, daytime, nighttime, milk under $14.00 a gallon and winter under 8 months long.
That being said I think we can also say this is one of the best things we have ever done. We have grown as people, have grown as a family and learned how to live with each other 24/7in close quarters without ever being able to leave (at times). We have learned whats really important and that there is almost nothing you can't survive without, You just have to challenge yourself to make do. We have learned to appreciate small things, to watch the tide come in, to watch the ice roll out, to listen to birds, and to watch and learn from those around us.
We couldn't have done this without the love and support of those down south who keep us upto date and feeling part of the "real world".
Thank you everyone for your suport during the past year,
and for God sake someone send me some liquor!!!!!
Take care of each other and be good.


Anonymous said...

Hey Curt,

Are you sure you trust me to pack and ship liquor after what happened the last time? Perhaps I should pre-soak the clothes in whiskey and send you those instead?

Wow - Happy Anniversary! You've been missed down here but the learning experience, and vacation opportunity for me was quite worthwhile so I guess that starts to make up for it :+)

In Baker Lake I didn't get the impression many people lived permanently outside the town - that they just moved to "the land" in summer. Is Repulse Bay set up differently than that? Is it more spread out? Are many people living in the town centre? Funny -the picture of the store and the red/white management house could be a duplicate to Baker Lake... following the company plan were they?

Take care - get well soon!
T :+)

Curtis Groom said...

Hello Tina,
There are about 15 people who live around town year round as I gather, There are no one living in igloo's anymore. They have little clapboard buildings they use to live in. Usually it because they have been cut off from public housing for one reason or another. Its the southern equivalent of being homeless, except eing homeless here means you die. The Red and White buildings are old Hudson Bay Stores, and aren't used for anything here but storage. Talk to you tonight.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!
Glad that it has been a positive experience. We have found it to be a learning experience as well with the blog updates.
In your last comment regarding the rifle, you made reference to black bears. Wondering if that means you have some idea of where your next move might be?
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Happy happy happy happy anniversary! HAAAAAPY anniversary!!!

Wow, y'all have been gone that long? I miss 'Lissa and the little one, but hey! Curth can STAY north!! Don't miss him at ALL I don't. Nope, not one iota, not even a little


Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed by already. That old adage must be true,eh? "time flys when you are having fun!!"

The day is starting out gray and rainy here today, but the moisture is needed, so won't complain. Our temperatures are slowing moving down during the daytime and overnight as well. The summer of '06 is slowing coming to an end. I am discovering, as I get older, that time seems to pass by so much faster, so you might as well enjoy the ride while you can.

Thanks for taking us on your journey and am expecting to learn new and exciting things in Part II.

Curtis, I seem to recall that you mentioned in one of your postings, that you "stepped out for a smoke". Just curious, just how much do those things cost up there?

Hope everyone is well. Rosalie

Curtis Groom said...

A pack of smokes is $15.00
Really helps to cut down.

Cathy, We have no idea when or where we'll be moving, just speculating.

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