Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Musings

Hello Everyone,
Well another week has come and gone. Other than the wildlife we have already discussed not alot else has happened. Hopefully soon we'll see the Beluga's arrive next week in a seriuos way, hopefully they'll be a little less elusive and camera shy than our current participants. A ship did arrive around midnight on Thursday evening, unfortunately its not our ship but for the local diamond mine, but I did get some interesting shots of it through the fog.

Next week the General Manager for the Arctic is returning from vacation so maybe we'll have news of one type or another... Hopefully but not likely.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

It would almost appear that you had problems with your camera, but with such fog, it's surprising that anything showed up.

When does the last delivery by ship arrive? I would imagine that these ships carry tons of cargo and take some time to unload.

It's gray, rainy and humid here today. It makes for a great Sunday afternoon to curl up and read or relax - what I will be doing after I get off of here. I just spent the last hour trying to install a new printer. During the process, we had a brief power outage, so needless to say, I was getting a little frustrated. It's up and running now, so am again able to print. I sometimes share some of your postings with a few people at work - those without the benefit of internet.

Our store is now wired for wireless internet. All the managers have been issued blackberry type gizmos and new phones. I am not sure why they would bother with this stuff at this old store, but it does make you wonder if they will ever start constructing a new facility anytime soon. Also, the hookup has begun for sewer and water to our store and the other stores still left.

My son Steven had his last day at TSN on Saturday. He is about to embark on a new career path. He starts teacher's college after labour day. When completed, he will be teaching at the high school level and hopes to be posted in Brantford, teaching communications - in all forms. There is a big push on right now, to sell students on the idea of careers in the skilled trades etc. The Ontario government has made committments to the new Toyota plants coming here, that they will have plenty of skilled workers to choose from and from all that I have heard, these positions will be nicely remunerated. The group of would-be teachers that Steven will be joining are all handpicked from business and industry to sell this. Steven said that it is a real cross section of people from all age groups (30-60) and from every conceivable business, industry and services. Each individual had to have at least five years experience in their chosen field in order to apply. It should be quite an experience for them and hopefully it will pay off.

Well I guess I have gone on long enough. I hope to see some "clear" pictures in your upcoming postings.-- lol

Take care -- Rosalie

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, even if it foggy. Does the diamond mine have its own store and supplies? How far is that from where you are? How do they get the "stuff" to their camp?
There, is that enough questions for you? Now you'll need to find the answers for me.
Love you. Mum and Dad

Curtis Groom said...

Yes the ships carry tonnes of cargo in sea cans. The can are like frieght cans from a train but half as big. Usually they allow 1 hour per sea can delivered for unloading to a maximium of 36 hours. The average can takes about 1.5 hours to unload, and you work till they are unloaded, straight through. If you are not done in time the ship leaves and you have just rented a can for the next year.
The diamond mine is about 40 miles from here, they have thier own boats, front end loaders and tonnes of equiptment, so they have no prolem getting thier stuff to the camps, they even have thier own helocopters to move personel back and forth. They usually fly whatever they need in weekly for grocieries, right now the camp is a exporation camp so is only working about a dozen men, when it becomes a working mine they will buy thier food locally and we'll box it for pick up.
Take Care