Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A visit to the land

Hello Everyone,
After all the sickness of late we finally got to head out on the land to practice a little shooting. It was windy and cold ut we made due. Melissa did Ok with one little problem but such will happen when your unfamiliar with what your doing. My skills came back pretty quick and I think Melissa was a little surprised, We did use up all the ammo we had left which meant I had to go to the Co-op to get more as our store is out until Sealift. Fun was had by all, as Christopher seemed to have another great day at daycare, he really seems to enjoy socializing with the other children. While there they only communicate in innuktituk so I'm sure he's picking up more than we are. Not much moving on the land or water today that we could find, but its the first time Melissa had a chance to get out for a walk on the land as I usually am only comfortable with her walking alone in town. Soon I guess I'll be coming home finding her, the GPS and the rifle gone as she wanders the tundra in search of food. OK maybe not that far but she admitted today that after the last year she'd be alot more comfortable taking her own fish off the hook now, Its only been 15 years but she's coming along nicely.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if Christopher was picking up the language of the people there.He is young so he will pick it up so quickly.Melissa I hope you don't run into anything while you are out walking.Take care talk to oyu later.

Anonymous said...

I hope, Melissa, that your gun lessons are never really necessary, but, living where you are, it's always a good skill to have.

I guess I never really thought about it before, until you mentioned that one of the things that you missed were trees. I would imagine that would take some getting used to after living in here in southern Ontario where they grow in such abundance. Do people there grown anything indoors?


Curtis Groom said...

No, Not much for house plants, The absence of light in the winter makes it quite difficult, also you know all the trouble the store has keeping plants alive, same thing here, add that to warm shipping and a average 6" house plant will cost about $30.00. and a bag of soil 10 lb costs $47.00
So not alot of house plants.