Friday, August 25, 2006

Week of wildlife

Hello Everyone,
Well we've had some interesting widlife roaming the neighorhood the last couple of days. Yesterday an mother and cub Polar Bear swam out to the island in the bay (about 200 yards from our house) and spent the day wandering the island. Unfortunately they remained on the far side of the island every time I was able to get out so I was unable to get a photo. However this led to some concern as they didn't swin off the island during the day. There was also the corpse of a seal rotting in front of the store on the beach for the last week, and the island is down wind from the island. This lead to the realization that when the bears left the island they might head straight towards the store and come ashore there for a snack. Unfortunately this occured to me as I walked to the store in the middle of the night in the dark to recieve frieght, It would have been a more useful realization while I was still at home so I could have got my gun to take with me to the store. Luckily there was nothing there when I went to the store but in the morning the bears and seal were gone.
Then this morning there were Bow whales in the bay about 500 yards in front of the house. they just circled for hours feeding on plankton in the bay, once again my efforts to photograph these creatures lead to one photo, that resembles waves breaking over a rock in the bay. Oh, well eventually I'll get a photo of a breach if I'm here long enough.
You know its alot easier to photograph wildlife at the zoo.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

Hi son:
Well it sounds like you are having some experiences that is hard to visualize here in the "south".
We are happy that you all seem to be enjoying life in the "north".
We hope you continue to keep us all updated as we,and our friends, enjoy your comments. Love you all. Mum & Dad Groom.

Curtis Groom said...

Welcome to the world of posting on the Blog, You don't realize how much I look forward to reading comments on the blog. It seems to make it worthwhile confirming that someone is reading. Thanks, and thanks to Melissa for walking you through posting. :)

Anonymous said...

I really look forward to your adventures.I am glad that you look forward to the blog comments. Rosalie and I talk about your adventures at work.Thanks for the blog.