Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Absence of signal

Hello everyone,
Its been along time for me to go without a posting but there was a reason... we lost the internet in the entire community on boxing day. since it was a holiday no one bothered repairing it until today. It was not fun, we had to start watching TV again. Its amazing, we've been without phone for a month now (being connected January 10), but what really bothered us was the lack of internet. It was worse than when we first got here because then we could still get online at the store. But this time everyone was out. Losing comunincation at the store was particularly bothersome as it means we had no debit or credit services available, we couldn't recieve or order goods so it has had a big effect on my stock levels and the mess I can start to clean up now. We're starting to get to know the town now with the silly season over and hopefully things will be getting better from here on in.
The town celebrated the holidays without rest for 10 days straight and I got to visit only one event. On the weekend we'll share with you some of our observations on the changes here to other communities we've been in, I'm still mulling the post over in my head as the changes are very noticable and drastic to our past northern experiences.
Its wonderful to be back and we hope everyone had a great holiday. This picture was the scene from our front window at 2:25 AM January 1 2007.
Happy New Year.
Take Care


Jaime said...

Ouch...that was a long time without internet. We were out from December 25th to 28th and it truly sucked.


Anonymous said...

Love the pic! 'Lissa has talked a bit about the celebrations. Sounds like quite the party.
So, I'm curious now. Are your experiences in the Kang good or bad compared to other places? Are y'all planning on staying there?
Inquiring minds want to know.
Welcome back to the 'Net!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you were cut off from civilization for such a long period of time. I was beginning to wonder if we should send out a search party or something.

Are you experiencing the warmer temps in your neck of the woods? It seems that almost everywhere in Canada, the weather is a big topic of conversation. I just heard today that some of the golf courses here are opening their clubshouses.

I am trying to catch some of the world Jrs. game today and do hope the Canadian boys come home victorious. It was quite the game against the U.S.A., although I disagree that the game winner should be determined by a shoot-out.

Hope all is well and will await all your news.


Anonymous said...

Team Canada gets the Gold! And the crowd goes wild!

Probably the only place to find ice - certainly none around here today.