Friday, January 12, 2007

Life lessons can be Painful

Hello Everyone,
Important lessons in life can also be the most painful. Christopher learned a important lesson today. It was also a painful one as you can see. There is a reason that the "Eskimo kiss" was created, it was created by some intelligent Inuk who realized the danger of kissing with wet lips in the cold. For Christopher this means kissing our truck at -48 has bad implications. which lead to some questions later in the day of a humorous nature "when is it OK to kiss the truck", "Is it OK to Inuk kiss the truck", "Is it OK to kiss the warm parts of the truck". we don't know why he's obsessed with kissing the truck, but he really likes trucks. Anyways pictured above are the horrible results of kissing the truck in the cold weather. Yes, those are his lips still stuck to the truck. He extricated himself from the truck, thank the lord, as neither myself or his mother would have liked to help him through that ordeal.
Take Care
PS Happy 50th Anniversary Betty & Art, here's to 50 more.

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Anonymous said...

OMG - how painful. My mouth hurts just to think of Christopher's ordeal!!!! I guess he won't be doing that again anytme soon.

Glad to see a new posting - I thought you may have been cut off from the world again.

There is talk that we should see some snow either tonight or tomorrow, along with all the other good stuff - like black ice etc. I was hoping that we would make it through winter w/o any major problems. I read that you said it was -28 there -- brrrrrr, that's cold.

Hope that Christopher is healing and that will be your excitement for the month. Take care - Rosalie