Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Mornings

Hello Everyone,
Another week has come and gone. They all seem to be blending together, nothing new here but lets see what we can talk about. We are under a blizzard warning however I no longer have the deep anticipation of these events that I did last year. we hear stories from the Elders of day of yore when the town was blocked out from the rest of the world for a month, or when the snow covered all the houses and you had to tunnel out. It appears these days are gone. I have to say this has been a very mild winter. Whenever I check the weather it always seems that the temp is about 10 degree's off the seasonal norm, and although we've been getting warning of this blizzard for three days, I expect some snow, some wind and then it'll go away, nothing to write home about.
We're all still suffering though on heck of a cold and flu however, After two weeks of complaining about this particular illness last night I took steps to prevent its recurrence. I found a on-line pharmacy that will deliver up here, so as we speak (I hope) busy people are running around a warehouse, in a mad rush to ensure that we have a good supply of Nyquil, contact C and neo Citreon before the next illness can strike. I was hoping to find a place that sold these remedies by the case, and guaranteed 24 hour hour delivery worldwide and that delivered during blizzards but we will have to endure. And at the rate we are all recovering, they will probably arrive with lots of time to alleviate suffering.
Christopher hasn't been to daycare in 5 days, unfortunately this corresponded with my year end accounting. I've also found out that I won't be able to attend the meeting we have in Winnipeg in March as they can't find anyone to do my job while I'm gone. On the up side I have finally seen our vacation for this year in writing, It looks like we'll be arriving in Ottawa on or abouts May 7 and returning about a month later.
Thats it for today.
Take Care

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