Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On the Road Again,

Hello Everyone,
This evening Melissa and I came to a difficult decision. In order to ensure the welfare and well being of our son, recent events have caused us to decide to leave Kangiqsujuaq. We will be leaving ASAP (within a few weeks) for another Northern Quebec community called Puvirnituq on the coast of Hudson Bay. Unfortunately things do not always work out as planned, but we must ensure we do what is best for our family.
Take Care.


Anonymous said...

On the road again... the Groom's new theme song! Hopefully this all goes smoothly for you! Though I'd be concerned - looked it up on the internet and the meaning of Puvirnituq = place where there is a smell of rotten meat. Do we believe everything we see on the internet? It sounds like you may get to witness an amazing caribou migration in fall. Looking forward to a new chapter of stories, and wishing your family a little peace and a place to plant roots for a while.

Miss y'all!
T :+)

Anonymous said...

I think it's a good solution. So is Puvirnituq First Nations or Inuit?

Anonymous said...

I know how hard decisions like this are to make. I think you made a good one. Good luck to you while you are on the road again and I can't wait to hear about your new experiences.

Have I told you how lucky I think Christopher is, while this community wasn't the best for you, he has had the chance to learn first hand all about our Northern brothers and sisters.... wow, just think of the stories he will be able to tell his grandchildren!

Brightest blessings and good luck to the three of you!

Heather( happyowl, heb,

Curtis Groom said...

This is still a inuit community on the 60 degree line of the hudson bay coast, It is a much larger comminty and even has a hospital :)

Anonymous said...

I looked up the community online and it sounds great! Execpt for the rotten meat smell bit. lol. Keeping the fingers crossed that this is a better place for you all.

Anonymous said...

Hey You guys! Just read your new blog and I think its great that you are getting out of a tough situation and hopefully moving on to bigger and brighter things. Well, we ran into some other problems with the same little girl at the daycare with Our little guy Ethan..She scratched him to bad it has now left scars. I wrote an email and called our district boss and they tell us they are still working on a transfer for us but nothing yet because there isn't too many places with a daycare that is good for children. You guys are so lucky right now. Good luck in the future move and I hope that this one will be your final for a while....its nice to settle in *smile*...hopefully we will get that opportunity soon. We don't want to do any injustice to our child for the sake of being up here to make some money...its just not worth it. We are going through a rough time being homesick and the issues with Ethan at the daycare, so needless to say we have almost reached our beraking point. Repulse is good though. We still enjoy it here very much. Oh and Curtis, Rosalina told me this morning that she had a dream about you HA HA HA it was funny...take care you three and God Bless

Garon, Leena & Ethan
Repulse Bay...your former home *smile*

Curtis Groom said...

Hello Leena,
Actually, this move is a stop-gap solution. The store I'm going to (POV for short) already has a store manager, I'm going to manage
grocery until they can find a store with a community suitable to our needs. This means Melissa won't be working, as no one has said this town has a good daycare, just that Melissa can spend some time with Christopher and help him get over his recent troubles. The company doesn't have a idea how long we'll be there, maybe a month, maybe 8. Depends on turnover. At least I should be able to get a day off occasionally, I'm on 4 months straight now. Other factors at work in the community have made it very difficult for us to remain here in the interm.
Hope your solution come's soon, usually there is some turnover after he bonus's are paid out in May, if that can give you any hope.
I just find it strange how different a community will act towards a new person or family, It must be a nightmare for the company when a community has been behaving one way then someone new comes in and the rules change, Just anothetr northern nightmare to try and figure into your situation.
Take Care,

Anonymous said...

Hi -- It's Rosalie. I have been away for the last three weeks. During that time, our daughter-in-law, Katie, was in a hospice and she passed away on Wed. Mar.21/07. She battled long and hard with that dreaded disease, cancer. It was heart wrenching experience for our family to have someone so young, taken from us at the age of 32.

I have been having trouble sleeping lately and hence, I am up at the craziest hours. I checked our your blog and was sorry to see that you had been having some problems. I do hope your move will be the solution and that things will be great in your new placement.

I really can't imagine going skiidoing at -30. Do those skins really keep you warm? I must be too much of a hothouse variety to ever venture out in that cold.

I saw on the weather channel that we might reach 18 degrees on Tuesday and must say I am looking forward to some spring warmth.

Take care -- Rosalie