Thursday, April 26, 2007

My computer has arrived

My son has a habit of aiming for his opponent in any race, while this may work for the Earnhart's, it also means Daddies has to move fast. Melissa advises you click on this one to really appreciate the moves.

A brief interruption in sledding for a local going hunting.
Once again, aiming for daddy seems to be a recurring theme in Christopher's sledding experience. This one lead me to ask, why did we get him a sled with a steering wheel?
Gettin' ready to run Dad down.
Locals sledding without the hill on their qumatiq.
Daddy trying to ski on a board without binding's.
The 305th trip up the hill dragging Christopher's sled.

Hello everyone,
Good News, I'm back... somewhat. Its seems a backup drive is a very important piece of equipment. Regular back-ups are essential to ensure that when catastrophe rears its ugly head you can save all the work you've invested in work and your computer. Oh yeah, one other thing, remember to pack the damn thing when you move or your up the creek without a paddle. The drive has disappeared off the face of the planet, I didn't pack it, Melissa didn't pack it and it isn't back at Kangiqsujuaq. These photo's are of this afternoons fun. I love actually getting days off, you can actually do things other than work.
Take Care

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