Friday, April 06, 2007

One Week to Go...

Hello Everyone,
Well, we've been really busy at the store getting it ready for turnover and getting ready to move, We have 7 days left until we leave to Purirnituq on Friday the 13th. Its very hectic but today Christopher and I went for a drive around town and too some photo's of what we saw. Time is slipping away very fast, but we can only do what we can and then move on and hope for the best. The weather hasn't been going along with our plans as the freight situation is very poor and the shelves show it. Melissa is getting over her case of the Shingles and is about 70% of her usual self, and remarkably she was the only one who got sick, normally once one of us goes down, all of us start to fall like flies.
The town seems to be winding down for the rest of winter, the hockey tournaments in town are done, the weather has been warming up (leading to more snow) and people are staring to head out on the land more often.
I hoped to get out and witness the locals gathering mussel's in the area however now it seems that that won't be possible. On a day of a full moon or New moon at low tide they go out to the coast line a few miles away from town, they break a hole in the ice and drop below the ice with headlights and gather the mussel's from the bay bottom. Below this level of ice there is very little light and it can be dangerous as when the tide starts to rise you must be able to get back to the hole quickly. which from what I understand has lead to tragedy in the past. This practice is unique to the people of this area.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

I see from the last picture that the new parka's have arrived! They look nice and warm - and like something that would blend well into the tundra if one had need to.

All the best in your last week, with your move, and settling into the new place. Glad to hear Lissa is getting better!! You don't need any added frustration right now! Did you ever get your pipes unfrozen or is that a "treat" to be passed along to the next tenants?

T :+)

Curtis Groom said...

We're still working on the pipes, we have someone coming in Tuesday. I see that by the time of your posting that new sleep machine may not be working that well?

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well in your new placement. Don't forget to give us the phonetic spelling of this place. I couldn't begin to get my head around that name.

Easter is over and I must say it looked more like Christmas than Christmas did -- go figure.

Keep us informed and again - the best of luck to all of you.


Anonymous said...

since you asked- the best I have come up with for pronounciation is:
hope that helps.