Sunday, June 24, 2007

Man,three more times and I'll have my Photo'supdated

As you can see the thaw has started, since Thursday the bay has emptied every day of ice then fills again through the night. Since we've come North we've encountered the local children on the roof's of everything they could find. Since the weather has improved it seems they spend more time on roof's than they do on the ground, it occurred tome today, what else are children going to climb,there are no tree's.
View of the town from the northern sideof town.
Lots of boats are being readied for when the ice clears the channel to the bay.
A camp just out of town, Its a nice place to go when the hustle and bustle of town life gets too much for you.
The town cemetary.
A couple of ducks,I believe they may be Eider Ducks,but I don't know... A couple of ducks.
The money shot for a different duck.
Christopher playing on the beach today.
Melissa liked this photo,the reflections appealed to her, myself,I'm just dissapointed I didn't get focus right.
Our neighbour coming home from camp.

Hello Everyone,
Most of these photo's are from today's walk.and various views of the town with our recent improvement in weather.
On a sad note a three year old child drowned yesterday afternoon in the newly thawed bay, Its a very sad time for the community.
Take Care

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