Sunday, June 24, 2007


Christopher enjoying the slide at the school.
The Puvirnituq Hospital
The Puvirnituq school (Grades 1-12),the statue in front of the school is carved from a single piece of stone and is about 8 feet tall. More on that later.
A picture of the back of the statue, we'll wait for photo's of the front until it rains due to the high bird fecal matter content of the front of the carving.
Christopher helping someone get unstuck from the sand.
A painting infront of one of the local house's (Maybe house 258)
The Northern store,or at least the front half.
The Hotel Novalinga (a local family name). It is one of the 2 hotels in town, About $180 a night. The other hotel is run by the Co-op and is a much more modern facility and I believe runs at about $400.00 a night per person, and be warned if your staying alone in a room the Co-op reserves the right to put someone else in there with you, but that doesn't change the cost.
A "traditional" style Kayak

Hello everyone,
Another set of photo's and maybe only one more left. Yesterday the temps hit a amazing 36 degree's C. Well,actually it hit 16 but it felt like a amazing 36. Everyone was out, working on boats and docks getting ready to start the upcoming fishing season. Last night we had a little trouble sleeping as the local children (ages 6-11 approx) continued to play outside our window until about 3:00 am, and since it was so hot out we needed to sleep with the window open.
I find it amazing looking around the Northern blogging world how quickly the teachers remove themselves from their adoptive home's. It seems sad tome that all these people never get to see their communities celebrate some of the most important times of the year. The summers here are so different that they should be experienced to get the full Northern experience. Also one of the most joyous times of the year up here is usually the Christmas break, when the games are in full swing and the "March Break" when most communities usually celebrate their town pride. It seems unfair to live through most of the daily drudgery but miss the celebrations.

I guess that's it for this entry,
Talk to you soon.
Take Care

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