Friday, August 31, 2007

Just a couple of hints.

Hello Everyone,
Well, the secret remains as not everyone has been informed of the situation so all I can do is drop a few hints.
In this location during the summer you will get a continues stream of 1344 hours of light before the sun sets.
In the winter you'll be in polar twilight for 720 hours till the sun rises again.
If you left Toronto you could be at our door having driven 6,602 km in a astounding 58 hours straight. And yes you can drive the whole way for 10 months of the year. The other 2 months you'd come up 1/4 mile short.
Any guesses?
Take Care,


Anonymous said...

Found it! (from the photos) Now I've got to go look at a map and see where it is.

Anonymous said... do one get to your new home? Drive!??!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Yes, how do you get there, as I was reading on the website and it says it's one of the few places in NWT that does not have an airport? Wonder if you'll have a stop in Yellowknife?? How cool would that be?

Curtis Groom said...

Yes, you could drive here. However we will be flying up, the exact route I still don't know as I haven't seen my itinerary yet but I'm sure the breadth of the trip will be overwhelming.
Take Care
PS So where do you think we are going?

Anonymous said...

Tsiigehtchic, Northwest Territories :D Ree got it too.