Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tsiigehtchic Northwest Territories

When there's only one road connecting you to the rest of the world the collapse of a culvert could be disastrous, however in this case the collapse happened right in front of a pass through to a public park, meaning traffic was easily diverted around the road damage.
This is the ferry taking us to to our home which can be seem behind the ferry, you can actually see our store and home on the left side of the photo just to the left of the road at the top of the hill.
The road leading down to the Arctic Red River valley and the ferry landing. This doesn't look like a fun road in the middle of winter. This is the dempster Highway.
This is the long road to nowhere, the Dempster highway about 40 miles south of Inuvik and 40 miles from from Tsiigehtchic. The trip was long and fun with the snow and ice pellets we encountered on the way to our new home.

Hello Everyone,
Our vacation is over and we have settled into our new home. Our vacation took us on a journey of 14,000 km and never really seemed to feel like we could relax, there was always another leg to the journey to come. The new community seems like a wonderful place to live and work. The environment certainly is different from what we are used to, but more on that later.
for now, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,
and we'll talk to you soon.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

Love the scenery. Seeing them makes me miss my time in the NWT.

fierceland said...

hey love the website jsut finish showing off my home town tanks for the site Tahks leon c