Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Unpacking and Priceless artifacts.

Hello everyone,
We have started the long process of actually unpacking, both the items we brought with us as well as the treasures we acquired while in the south on vacation. Which lead me to todays startling discovery. My incredibly astute wife seems to have acquired a couple items of note while on our recent foray into the commercial world of the south. Yesterday she put a new clock on the wall of the bedroom and in my ignorance I asked her to move it, as the timepiece seemed to make a deafening tick tock that would have forbade my sleep while that timepiece was in the same room as me. My darling wife happily complied and now this clock sits above our kitchen sink. This is where I made todays startling discoveries. Now, I am not a antiquarian of any sort however this clock captured my attention the previous evening and now I had a chance to investigate its presence. This timepiece as its faceplate conveys to me was made in 1863, in a shop in London England by a builder known (presumably worldwide) as W.O. Woldman. The rear of the timepiece assures me that it is genuine authentic (their words, although they spelt "genuine" incorrectly I'm sure it was a oversight). Now, I'm not sure who our broker was for acquiring this treasure, although I am confident that somewhere within their name the phrase Rama appeared, I was also unaware that the craftsmen of 19th century Europe were so adept at utilizing the yet to be invented AAA. Regardless let me get to the point, I apparently own 2 of these wonderful (and very rare items) and I would happily auction at least one of them to the highest bidder, Good luck and commence bidding.
Take Care


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Picture! Picture!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the spelling of genuine is not so much incorrect as correct for "Olde English"?

T :+)

Curtis Groom said...

Come on people..... Show Me the Money.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bud - but I know where your wife shops. I might just run out and get myself one of those priceless antiques and start saying "Show ME the money" :+)