Saturday, November 24, 2007

Don't let the sun go down on me.

The crawling race at family fun night, Christopher needed to be handicapped after a couple of false starts. Here Martina assists Christopher with his restraint.
Two more strides and Christopher will win this race.
This was Jamie showing the kids how to complete the race, and here is Christopher showing Jamie how to do it right, the extra speed is achieved by clenching the fingers tightly in your left hand.
Christopher designing a better mousetrap, or at least a scooter board with a little leg room.
Ok I hate this picture, but some artsy types in my photography book said to do this to give a impression of speed, Well, there is it, I won't be doing it again :)
And the Super sized Scooter board is now taking passengers.
Christopher and Jessica at the Feast on Saturday night.
Christopher displaying his patented eating a cupcake with your mouth and nostrils technique, We were all really impressed.
Melissa and a local Medicine woman Alestine Andre, who recently taught Melissa a yummy recipe for making spruce tea.
A Elder anticipating tonight's feast.
The closest thing I could get to a picture of Christopher standing still at tonight's feast. Now this may be artsy but I like this one.

Hello Everyone,
Well the last couple of weeks have been marred by Internet, satellite and the ever increasing laziness of the disappearing sun. We've passed the 4 hours of daylight point and are losing a minimum of 8 minutes of light a day until is disappears completely. This year has been harder on us than the others, probably because we went to the south during the transition time, when we got here we've had trouble getting our circadian rhythm back.
With it being National addiction Week there have been several local events we've been able to be apart of the first was Family fun night on Tuesday. Which as these events usually are, was set up and arranged by someone who didn't actually have children. He discovered a very important fact, offer to host a event that will draw a whole lot of children to a area where they can yell and scream and run and jump, and you'll get allot of kids to show up... and no adults as you just became that evenings babysitter. Other than our hosts Melissa and I were the only two adult attendees who came in to witness the evenings festivities. Regardless though, we had a great time and Christopher really seemed to enjoy his victorious evening and prizes.

Oops, actually the first event was a pancake Breakfast on Sunday, I forgot as I accidentally slept through several reminders that this event was about to occur and in fact I slept right through it... Unintentionally, I assure you, however if it was to be repeated tomorrow I have a feeling the same result might be achieved. I am told the pancakes were delicious, and I can attest to the extra couple hours sleep certainly were great.

Tonight's event was " a snow sculpture contest followed by a Bonfire followed by a Feast", which we also were privileged to attend. Apparently the focus of this event was more focused towards the feast than it was the snow sculpting and bonfire, as I never did see anyone actually go outside, touch any snow or light anything on fire. But there was allot of eating, and I guess the focus of addiction week is geared more towards drug and alcohol addiction than it is towards food addiction. Christopher took this opportunity to participate in the countdown to sobriety to testify to his 5 years without a drink, even in his enthusiasm he was accurate.
We hope everyone is doing great and enjoying themselves as we are.
Take Care

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Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I'm so glad you guys are settling in well and obviously happy. I can't believe how much Christopher has grown! His face has matured so much, even looking back over the last 6 months of pictures. He has certainly taken a growth spurt, and I LOVE his hair!