Sunday, November 11, 2007

Freeze up

Hello Everyone,
We have entered week 4 of freeze up. every week a helicopter lands outside the store and delivers mail, other than that we are on our own. We are about to run out of pop, the last milk we saw expired 2 weeks ago, no eggs, no fresh produce (nothing left in the produce area except potatoes, cabbage and yams), we still have some bread that we froze a month ago but thats running low too. we are out of pork and some chicken products, but still strong on beef.
Looks like freeze-up will last another three weeks at least so things are getting limited. I hope to buy a Ski-doo next week, or whenever Canada Post delivers the parts we're waiting on. If that happens I'll be able to ski-doo up the river to fort McPherson and get some supplies for the family, I can't restock the store till my sled for the Ski-doo arrives, but that will be after the road re-opens and trucks can get in. This week I hired a Bootlegger to go to Inuvik and get me some UHT milk, no profit to be made from this transaction but hopefully it will stop me from being lynched by the town for a few more days... Actually the town has been very supportive of us with a few exceptions... How some people can complain we have no fresh products when they've lived here their whole lives and done this many time before I'll never understand. I actually had one person complain we didn't charter a helicopter to get the new movies here on time for their Tuesday release. It seems the Elders are much more understanding, its the twenties that figure if they can still get their Pot and Booze I should be able to get them Pizza Pops.
We are enjoying the community and Christopher is enjoying the school.
Take Care

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Anonymous said...

Hello Curtis, Melissa and Christopher. I hope that the situation improves soon for you! We had similar problems in Repulse with delivery of goods. Someone needs to let the government know what is happening in these communities so that they can improve the situation or come up with a different way of deliverying supplies! The Halloween pictures are great! Hope that aside from the freeze up all is going well for you.

We are thinking of you!