Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Oh Holy Crap"

Hello Everyone,
This is the Grinch speaking, tonight I kissed two hours of my life goodbye as I watched the Christmas release of "Deck the Halls". Now I realize I'm not a child anymore but am I insane in thinking that the joy of Christmas is now officially gone from the world, Its been replaced by version 2.0, and that means although things are now in Dolby THX 5.1 it doesn't mean they are holding any actual value to society whatsoever. I mean, movies like the "Santa Clause" and "Polar Express" may contain interesting moments, they just don't seem to retain any of the goodness of the classics's. I can't think of a single movie (of the last 20 years) designed for this season that could make you walk out of a theater or your home and smile at a stranger the way "Miracle on 34th street" or "a Christmas Story" could achieve. I believe these movies may have some redeeming value in some way I am unable to comprehend, but are they capable of inspiring the type of joyful anticipation in a child the way I was inspired as a youngster, I can't comprehend their capacity to do this? Am I just the insane Grinch?
Are all the good stories told? Am I missing something? Please help, I'm trying to raise a child here and all I can think of is that he'll believe the spirit of Christmas is in Black and White. What inspired you, to our readers of both the "Old" and "New" generations. And if anyone says its the song "Do they know its Christmas" I will officially puke.


jen said...

Two Christmas movies you might not have thought about (in colour), that are my favourites are Nightmare Before Christmas and Love Actually. Very different styles, but both great movies that get me into the spirit of Christmas.

Anonymous said...

remember this too- the spirit is no longer in black and white- they have colourized it! And really screwed it up too- the curtains on Ebenzer's room are NOT green- they were always red in my imagination.

Curtis Groom said...

I totally agree, and Ebeneezer's waist coat was green, Not blue. But I think I'm preaching to the choir here :)
Love ya mom.

Anonymous said...

I love "A Christmas Story", I imagine partly because I also wanted a Daisy Red Rider BB gun with a compass in the stock. The first time I watched it I was home in Manitoba and saw it with my brother. We howled with laughter until tears streamed down our faces.

Curtis Groom said...

Hi Clare,
I discovered that movie late into life and had much the same reaction, Every time Christopher would get ready to go outside when we first got up here, it reminded me of the little brother from this movie, when he walks like the mummy and can't put his arms down because of all the clothing he's wearing.
Thanks for the comments

Jackie S. Quire said...

I would have to second Jen's nomination of Love Actually. It is, in my opinion, the modern-day Christmas spirit movie.
Its long, but the airport scene gets me every time.

Anonymous said...

I'm still a sucker for the Grinch.