Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Legend lives On

Hello Everyone,
This post has nothing to do with life in the north or our experiences of the last few years, It does involve my and many others childhoods. You see I had a hero once upon a time, his inspirations caused me many injuries, the loss of teeth, a broken arm or two and too many smaller injuries to mention. I will clarify by telling you I grew up in the seventies under the expert tutelage and inspiration of the real life super hero Evel Knievel. I remember around 1977 getting the Evel Knievel action figure and stunt bike with bonus ramps, Man, that was one hell of a Christmas. That bike and I jumped over things that would have made lesser men squeamish, we achieved goals undreamt of by the adult mind, and we always landed and went on to the next goal. I used to sit glued to the TV whenever they would show one of his death defying stunts, I'm not sure he was very good at his job as I never remember him actually landing any of his jumps but he always tried faster, further and harder than last time. Then the waiting would begin for the next extreme adventure (after a suitable recovery time in the hospital I'm sure). Evel Knievel was extreme before it was popular, his image made me sit through brutally terrible movies that still make me smile.
Realistically, from what I understand of the man, he was a bit of a lech, a hard drinker, and probably not the brightest LED in a thunder storm(I also don't know what that means, but you get the gist). He was a god to a young child of the seventies. Make believe people like the Six Million Dollar man would flinch before attempting a day in the life of this real man. I'm sure Kiss should attribute many of their costume idea's to this mans working uniform. Extreme sports would never have developed they way they did if Tony Hawkes secret desire wasn't to be Evel Knievel. GI Joe's job during my generation was not to save the world from Nazi's it was to lay under Evel's ramp and be jumped like all good action figures.
Right now, in heaven I'm sure Evel is trying to find a good run up ramp where he can jump over all the minions of hell and the angels of heaven in one foul swoop, while at the same time triing to find a leather jumpsuit that looks good with his new wings.
GodSpeed and safe landings.
PS. Maybe I can figure out one last use of those old boards under the store and Christopher's new bike, just for old times sake.

" So your considering a career in death defying? Well, good for you son, Its good to see a young man taking interest in his future-remember : Bones heal, Chicks dig scars and America has the best ratio of daredevils to doctors in the free world." Lance Murdoch

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Anonymous said...

Yet another post where I am sitting here going... WOW - man - you can really write! I do love reading your commentaries :+)

We also had the infamous Evil Kneivel action figure in our house (I was tempted to say DOLL - just for reaction). I don't recall specifically what all we had it attempt but it I'm sure it was death defying and most likely involved canine and / or little sister torment. It's amazing the man lived to die of "natural" causes at such a ripe age and the world did not have to witness his demise in other ways.

Keep Warm Folkses!
T :+)