Monday, January 21, 2008

Ok enough already.

Hello Everyone,
The media has always been blamed for perpetuating a unrealistic body image causing torment for young ladies. The question I`ve always had is what about young men. When I was growing up my media focused idols were people like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Swhwarzenegger, Jean Claude VanDamn etc. These people were supposed to make me more comfortable with my body image? I mean come on, the above photo is of Sly taken this year, and I realize its not the glory of Rocky's years but the guy is 62 and still looks better than I ever did. Yes, and your going to tell me about the steroids, right and all the negative effects such as uncontrolled aggression, early death, tumors etc. Seems to me I don't remember any of these steroid monsters going nuts the way people like Margot Kidder, Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson and numerous others. I think the social security administration should have kicked in for the purchase of his steroids, I mean come on, I didn't look half that good at any point in my life. The guy is about to start receiving old age checks and he looks like he could still climb that frosty mountain.
Seriuosly, I'm going to be in some old folks home hooked up to respirator excercising bowel functions into a bag and he's going to be doing one armed push ups with a elephant sitting on his back.
Life still isn't fair. I hope the movie really sucks.
Take Care,

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