Thursday, February 07, 2008

Everything is Relative

Hello Everyone,
Tonight, while closing the store there was a emergency. I knew this because 20 minutes after the store closed someone started pounding on the back door saying "Open up, its a emergency". Ok, as I head to the door, I check the location of the fire extinguisher, remember where my gun and ammo is and recall where I can find a lot of blankets fast, That should cover all the emergencies that come to mind in the time I have. Ok, I`m ready as I open the door too the two young ladies in distress, The door opens, the look in thier eyes tell me its bad.... How bad, Real Bad. The explain to me that they need to cash a cheque RIGHT NOW, I explain to them, that everything is locked up and I`m not reopening the store since they were in the store 10 minutes before closing and they didn`t need it cashed then. They explain to me, they just found out there`s a bingo tonight, I explain to them I`m going home for dinner.
Take Care

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Murray said...

Your stories and a lot more of my own that I could add remind me why I'm retiring from the honorable company on September 1st. It's been a lot of fun but 35 years in the north is just about enough.