Saturday, March 15, 2008

Airport continued

OK, I'm better now, and where were we. Oh yes, we were still in the airport in Yellowknife. Now I realize I may have been a little hard on this particular institution.After all I could have arrived during a shift change, that might explain the excessive personnel levels, the Winter Arctic Games were starting in two days so this may have been a test of security measures for a increased level of traffic. Whatever, I encountered it certainly had been resolved for the return trip as this time I was prepared for everything, I rounded the corner steeling myself for the experience. what greeted my was more unexpected however as the door leading to the secure waiting area (the one with the iris reader and card reader) was being held open with a brick with no security in sight. Then I realized that the extensive testing they did on the way down must have put me onto some sort of fast track list and this is why they had left the door open for me.
Take Care

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