Saturday, March 29, 2008

Not for the PC, Peta, Greenpeacers or other ill-informed well meaning people.

Hello Everyone,
'Tis the time of year for every well meaning, but ill informed southerner to publicly voice their personal objection to the slaughter of seals off of the coast of Canada. I really would rather appreciate it if they kept their objections to subjects they had actual knowledge of, maybe personal gains tax exceptions, maximizing personal deductions (by contributing to environmental organisations), traffic, and where to go for a really nice holiday. Years ago, 25 I believe, Jacques Cousteau (presumably a avid anti-environmentalist) asked Greenpeace and other organisations to focus their attention away from the seal hunt towards actual environmental concerns that possibly weren't as photogenic as the Harp seal but actually in jeopardy. However, the single largest money making event for Greenpeace remains the seal hunt and the publicity they derive from the annual exposure, they literally cannot afford to move on to actual environmental concerns.
In the years since Mr. Cousteau pleaded his case; the seal population has tripled. Now while I realize there are other factor involved; no one seems to ask what this growing population of seals eat, and might that have some bearing upon the declining fish populations during that same time frame upon that same coast. Rather lets just ignore that rather "Inconvenient Truth". Seals are cute. Another person who I consider a friend has laid out some interesting facts I recommend you peruse at
The time has come in our existence to quit falling for the media's push upon our minds and opinions and think for ourselves, maybe even, since we have been given this tool we call the Internet to actually do a little research ourselves rather than accept that conveniently fed sound-byte from the media and public concern groups. We were given minds long before these tools, lets use them as well, before we simply accept the truly convenient, lets just think for once.

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Anonymous said...

Hear Hear!!!

an animal life said...

Very well said. Far too many people just see the cute baby seals and read the heart tugging captions. People are so involved in their own little worlds, they have no concept of how other people live, and what is more, they don't care.