Sunday, June 08, 2008

Photo's of the Past month

The ice floe on burn day, I kinda liked the contrasting images here.

This is the night the ice broke free, the ice is actually moving quite fast, fast enough to create 20 foot piles of ice on the outside of the corners.

This is my great waterfall that I discovered on a walk about, Melissa thinks its stupid but I think in a thousand years it'll be magnificent.

Three in the morning on May 25th.

Christopher on the Captains bridge of the ferry this weekend.

Playing with Dad on the slide.

Hello everyone,
Well. Its been awhile but work is keeping me very busy lately, My worker who went to Inuvik for break-up never returned (which I didn't expect). and that has left me scrambling to clean up, restock, do spring cleaning and do a food inventory alone. The hunt for a new employee isn't going well either.
Christopher has 2 days left of school and he's finally started to sleep in a bit, after 3 years of being up here he hopefully is going to start to embrace the slower lifestyle and sleep in till 8 o'clock. Here's hoping anyways.
Break-up is finally over and it was a long season, the river is free and clear of ice and the banks only have a little build-up left on them. The daily temps are ranging from 2-24 so we are still flexing quite a bit but for the most part the weather is lovely. The ferry is running daily and today we ventured upon it for a circular trip of the triangle between Inuvik, Fort MacPherson and Tsiigehtchic.
I'll have to finish this post tommorrow, sorry.


Megan said...

What a happy little guy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Up to 24C? Nice! It will be positively balmy by the time we get up there. Can we swim in the river? lol