Sunday, October 30, 2005

Around town and our house

These are just a few photo's Melissa took around town.
This one is in the cemetary, the grave to the forefront is the recent elder that passed on. The distortions are the wreaths that were placed on the grave.

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Anonymous said...

We have just looked at the pictures, they are great but not enough of Christopher or of you two to keep us happy. Did you send them to our house as well? I hope so so that we can take our time and look at them again. We are at Michelle's now to see them. We will call you to-morrow (Sunday) so hope you are in. Do not reply to us at Michelle's as we will not be here again. We are going to MERIMBULA on Tuesday for a week and return to Canada on the 28th.
Love you all. Mum and Dad