Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween in Baker

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween,
Well today I thought I should enquire about Halloween in Baker. I was a little shocked last year Allan (the current store manager here) and Rod both claimed to have have over 3oo visitors on this eve. They both bought over a hundred dollars in candy ( in northern terms that is about 400 mini bags of chips. They advised that we should expect around 200. We ended up buying 7 cases of mini chips (245 bags). When I left work at 6:30 I was shocked. It was like a parade on the main strip, there were literally around 100 ATV's taking kids house to house, I've never seen that many people on the streets here. Let me stop at this point and tell you about our house, we are away from everyone else, the nearest house is about a quater of a mile away. Regardless, I went home expected to have to wait behind troves of trick or treaters to enter my house... There was no one. Ok, so they are a little late getting to our house at least I can get in safely without being mobbed. Safely home I quickly moved the chips closer to the door so there wouldn't be a riot as I went to get another box. Now all set, we awaited the onslaught of kids and adults alike..... at 8:00 I switched off the light and went to the bedroom, we gave out 10 bags of chips and we ate about a dozen. Anyone want some chips?

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