Monday, October 31, 2005

Other things.

Good night.
P.S. I guess the picture has nothing to do with anything but I like it :)


Anonymous said...

Hello to all the Grooms - I really enjoyed all the pictures and descriptions of life in your part of Canada.
We changed our clocks here last weekend and was wondering if you guys did the same. The days are getting much shorter and I suppose you will be starting to experience an even more dramatic effect there.
Keep up the good work of "keeping in touch". I really enjoy it.

Curtis Groom said...


yes, we changed the clocks last weekend and the sun is rising here around 8:00 and setting around 3:45 daily. We're losing about 15 minutes of daylight each day. Thanks for visiting and leaving comments, its nice to know someone is reading this.

Anonymous said...

I LIKE that pic!