Thursday, October 20, 2005

The meeting

That morning the only thing that went right was the five minute trip to Home Office (five minutes if you had a severe limp). I left the hotel early thinking I'd have to wander a bit and get my bearing to figure out where the office was... wrong, it was 100 feet away with a nice big sign. This made me happy. I sat outside in the sunshine and read, which was also good. I had five interviews that day and they all seemed to go better than the last. No one wanted to talk about business or skills, they wanted to talk about their families and my family. We talked about the north and all their experiences there. many of the people I met had what would be considered very challenged careers by southern Ontario standards. They were constantly being promoted and demoted and moved around. these weren't just people, they were directors and vice presidents, becoming stock boys and dept managers. When I thought I had the solution I asked a 30 year veteran who had been working stock in Yellowknife 2 years before. I was right, he became a stock boy because he wanted to, he was tired of the pressure and asked the VP to send him to a store for a couple of years, he spent 2 years in Yellowknife then asked to come back and was given a promotion and brought back. This wasn't anything I'd ever encountered before, but I liked it. When I walked out the doors at 2:30 I knew I was going to work for this company.

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