Friday, November 18, 2005

-52 with the wind chill

Hello everyone,
another wek has come and gone and We've had a week of sickness. Christopher was sick for about a week, Melissa is still sick after a week and half and as of today I've come down with something. Oh well, If its not one thing its another.
We have another blizzard warning, this morning it was just supposed to be cold and windy, apparently its been updated to include snow, which is strange it usually doesn't snow when its this cold. Hopefully everyone will soon feel better and the weather will keep us amused for the weekend. I just realized we have been here 3 months in three days. Doesn't seem like that long. Overall I'd have to say thing have gone amazingly well compared to the Wal-mart transition. Life is alot more relaxing and enjoyable without the needless deadlines and un-nessasary pressure. I'll update more this weekend when I get some photo's to add. Take care.

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