Friday, November 11, 2005

Storm Update

I have never seen anything like this. The wind is coming from the east at 60-80 kmph, I know this doesn't sound that bad but you should see it. I'm tempted to go out and feel it but to be honest I'm scared. We have about 4 ft of snow piled in front of the door (there was no build up yesterday). I can't describe the scene out our front window and photo's can't do it justice. Its -18 right now with the windchill and going to get alot colder. Its going to be difficult sleeping as the sound of the wind slamming into the side of the house is quite loud. This is really cool if your inside.
Take care everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hey All!

If I'm remembering right - you are one of the first properties that wind will hit coming from the east across the lake? I wonder if you'll get hit harder than the rest due to being on the shoreline... Curt - once the snow gets deep enough - I think you should dig yourself a tunnel from the house to work... then you won't need to know what's going on up above :+)

Anonymous said...

That's sounds like a plan Curt! lol