Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cold weather training

Just a note about the new guys in town. Last Thursday the Canadian military's Rangers arrived in town. This is the second or third time they've been here since we got here. There is a local defence force that is supported by the Rangers. These are local people who are supposed to watch the land for invaders The rangers come into town every so often, look around, talk to the locals, re-arm the local force, and recruit new memebers. In truth it apparently involves alot more of showing the rangers where the good hunting is and drawing a cheque from the government.
However every January or early Febuary we are invaded by the rangers getting their cold weather training courses. The numbers usually range from a 50 or so to a few hundred, They pitch thier tents on the lake and spend a week living on the land (with the exception of prepared foods from Northern and Pizza hut most nights. A couple of years ago we apparently had our biggest invasion ever as 2 C-130's few into the airport to deliver the rangers to town.
Anyways, I just thought this was cool, so thought I'd share it.
p.s. Last year training ended early after a couple of them set themselves on fire sleeping too close to the heaters
p.p.s. The photo's are of a friends carved antlers, he has them carved by a local.

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