Saturday, November 05, 2005

Another weekend report

Hello Everyone,
Well more computer fun this week, For some reason I got locked out of my router and the settings changed (yes, I had changed the password, yes to a secure password (23 alph-num)) I think it was a glitch rather than a hijack. It still took me awhile to unlock and rebuild it.
Anyways, This week we made all our store plans for christmas, Its amazing the role the store takes in christmas celebarations up here. We have 18 events and celebrations leading up to this holiday. the events usually involve sales, celebrations, food, contests and games as well as prizes. We wil be holding events such as Elders night, womens night, save the temp day, etc. Apparently, shopping up here is a little different that down south, everyone here does not shop for christmas as they encounter gifts, they save thier money and wait for thier celebration day. Everyone will buy what they need during these events. Last year on womens night, the store re-opened at 8:00 for womens night. They started to line up at 6:00. At 8:00 they are admitted and they will maim and destroy anyone between them and a shopping cart. We have around a 150 carts, we will have at least 500 shoppers this evening who will arrive at 8:00 and leave after closing at 11:00, apparently no one will leave inbetween, they all stay the whole time. We close the restuarant and serve free food during the evening, as well as have eating contests, lets make a deal games, draws, bingo's, dress-up contests etc. Christopher wants me to build a choo-choo with him so I have to go... I'll finish this later.
We'll end up giving away alot of product in draws, TV'S, DVD'S, a Laptop, a PSP and other assorted items.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... does Melissa get to participate in Ladies night? Look out world! Sounds like a neat way to approach Christmas - tone down the commercialism and make it more celebratory / family oriented / community oriented. I like the thought - can't wait to hear the results! Do the kids up there believe in Santa Claus?