Sunday, January 22, 2006

On the eve of a Election

Hello Everyone,
I just wantedt to talk about the election since I've been avoiding it until it would be too late. I've voted in every election since I came of age. Not because I felt any particular fever for any party or any great issue that I felt would change the world.I never voted based on any party affiliation either, just for whom I felt could do the job that was needed. I'm not voting this time. I don't see a point in it, None of the candidates say anything I care for, or believe they will follow through on those issue's. I don't want the Liberals to get away with their crimes but I have no faith in the others either. What I'd like to know is that at what point in a politicians career do they lose thier integrity completely? Do they realize it, is it a slow corruption of the beliefs they got into politics to defend or is it a single point where they choose the wrong path. I don't believe any of these fine men entered into thier political careers whith anything but the best intentions but I think the very nature of the beast (power and politcs) corrupts them to this point.
Now for years I've wanted to do this but I've never had the platform, I'd like to thank BC for giving up thier interests and voting as spoilers for the last few elections. These fine people sit in thier homes and watch to see if their vote can stop a majority then rush out and attempt to stop it. These are the people who give up personal opinion for the good of the country, and so Thank-you. Please pay particular attention tommorrow.
Now that my scepticism and dis-illusionment have been expressed, I like to thank all you people who are going to take up the slack and go out and vote for me tommorrow, pick a good one. Well, just pick one and we'll all hope for the best.
One last thought, Does anyone still hope for a majority government? For the last few years I've been unable to find a single person who wanted a landslide, for that matter I haven't seen anyone interviewed on TV express this idea either. Maybe we should just change democracy instead of voting by percent we should just vote for 1st, 2nd and third (don't get me started on fourth). 1st place gets 38% second gets 35% and third gets 27% of the seats. Thats going to be the next great revolution in democracy. Well it will be for tonight.
Take Care

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