Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Q & A as well as Lost thoughts.

Hello Everyone,
Sorry I haven't been updating lately, I guess I took some time off to recover from christmas but I'm Back. One of my friends has been reporting to me that the blog couldn't been seen last week, Did anyone else experience this? So far I've only had the one person having trouble. Now to Rosalie's questions, TV is only available through Bell's starchoice system, Its the only service available up here. They won't do installations up here but you can set up your own equiptment and use thier service. As for reception, I'd have to say its a bit better than we got in Tillsonburg. As for the leaders debates and elections, I can't say I care one way or the other about the state of Canadian politics right now, they should all be in jail, I would be if I did what they are doing. We don't get alot of interation here, I still don't know who the candidates are up here, My idea's are only formulated from what the media feeds me from the leaders campaigns.. Which means I will not be voting, I don't vote based on Media information and I don't have any other info.
As for driving, The store has a truck available for occasional need and thats about it. There are no other vechicles at this location, a couple of the guys from work have offered me thier personal snow machines however I haven't taken anyone up on this yet, The only place I'm really anxiuos to get to is the other side of the lake to find some Muskox, and I'm not going that far without a guide so I haven't been bothered to set it up yet. I have a Nunavut Drivers licence, its the same as all of Canada, you must have a transfere your licence within 14 days of moving, So thats what I did, 5 months ago, I'm still waiting for the actual licence to arrive (This is a northern rush job). There was a problem with my application, I got a call about 2 months after I applied that I hadn't signed one of the forms, when I went to do it the Woman had about 50 licences scattered around her desk, I got the feeling she was waiting for her desk to hit critical mass before any actual work was done.
Fuel for homes is above ground and natural gas which comes in yearly with the store barges, I can't tell you how much or what cost, I don't pay any bills so I don't know. Gas prices (for vechicles) up here for this year are $1.45 per liter (Don't quote me, but its in that neigborhood). As for Ice roads (or winter roads as they are more commonly cllaed). These are used more in the tree zone, they are essentially frozen rivers, so there must be a river going where you want to go. The only rivers in this area head to Hudsons Bay, also the distances up here are too dangerous to use winter roads, the greater the distance the more dangerous of being stranded in isolation. As for the status of the winter roads, its a mild winter so yes they are late this year down south however I wouldn't attribute it to global warming, I'd attribute it to a mild winter. I still don't fall for the media science of global warming, until I can read some valid scientific data regarding this I won't fall for it. Unfortunately the records don't exist to give us a valid background to see if there is actually something long-term happening. Thats it for now, Later today I'll write a little about firefighting up here.
Take Care,


Anonymous said...

Hi there:
I think there was a couple times last week that it wouldn't connect through when I tried to check the blog. It would connect the next time I checked. It was a hit and miss thing. I thought it might be my computer as much as anything.
We're anxious to hear about firefighting.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Curtis - Just read your latest entry and all seems to be back to normal. Not sure what happened but with any kind of technology, one can always expect glitches from time to time.

It was fascinating to read about how fire fighting is handled. I guess I never realized that the water would freeze so quickly while it is being pumped. Could they not use some other type of extinguisher source that wouldn't freeze? say foam for instance? There must be some advances in this area, but it is probably very expensive.

Is there anything that you really, really miss from southern Ontario? (other than family, of course). I am not sure I would ever be a candidate for such an adventure. I guess if I knew ahead of time that it would be for a certain time period - then maybe.

One thing that has been bugging me--your heading -- the word "beginning " is misspelled and I always see it at the top of the page - annoying, aren't I??

In most of your outdoor pictures, there seems to be no trees or shrubs of any kind. Does nothing survive the winter? There must be something green there during the summer months. What will you see, come spring?

That's it for now -- Rosalie