Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Musings

Hello Everyone,
Another week has come and gone. Not alot has changed, which is why not alot of postings lately. As soon as something changes I'll let you know. the weather has been good, very sunny and temps between -30 and -40. There have been alot of visitors to town as the mines are reopening for the year. The gold mine started up for the year this week, there are also people up here prospecting for diamonds, emeralds and uranium frequenting town. The airport is busy with helocopters in and out throughout the day. This means added business to us as most of the camps get thier food and supplies from us.
I completed my firearms safety course and am now waiting for my PAL (FAC) to come back, net I have to take another course to handle restricted firearms, then at least that part of my training will be done. I think I'll put the course off till vacation though, its very challenging to get these courses up here.
The photo is of a couple of Inuk children sledding in front of our house.
Take care,

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Curt! Nice to see the update. Didn't even realize there were mines up there. Sounds like big business. Cheers!