Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday Musings

Hello Everyone,
The good weather continue's and the town is a hive of activity with all the mine meetings going on and all the locals heading to the land while the nice weather lasts. I remeber while I was at Wal-mart, we'd constantly have What were they thinking moments when recieving new frieght, Well here at baker we have the topper. Yesterday while unloading our planes frieght we found someone had the wisdon to ship us a Lawnmower for our spring selection. Now that will be useful as soon as someone ships a lawn up here.
Christopher is still plugging away at potty training without success, Melissa is learning and doing her first cross-stich projectand I'm out of things to say.
Take Care,

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Anonymous said...

SNORT! If it weren't illegal, I'd send y'all some bluegrass seed so you could have the first lawn in Baker's Lake. Doh!