Saturday, March 04, 2006

Things I might have not explained well

Hello Everyone,
After reading Tracey's comments on the last posting, I feel I need to explain a couple of things a little more. First, life up here and family care is different than down south. Children freely roam the streets at about 5 years unnattended. This means that any wild animals that come to town are very dangerous. The day after Melissa saw the wolf, she saw two 7 year olds playing in the very spot wherethe wolf was, and today Christopher and I will be toboganning there. A couple of weeks ago in Ijuvuk a woman came out of the rec center and saw a polar bear atacking her child, she fought the bear barehanded while one of her children ran to the nearest house. When the child reached the house he just opened the door and yelled "Bear" and several people immediately came out with thier guns and were able to kill the bear before too much damage was done. Second, I hate to say it aloud but most of this community are dependants, the community really has no industry and produces nothing so most people are essentially wards of the state. A wolf pelt is worth $1,000, do the math, thats alot of money here.
This isn't Paul McCartney's world, Fur is the only real nature resource thats exportable here. Animals that enter town are begging to be killed, for both food and money. Anyways, thats my 2 cents, If Paul wants to help fur based communities, he can afford to adopt them.
Take Care,


Anonymous said...

Hey Curt! I understood why they killed the wolf. Especially that close in town with people around. I just really like wolves and hate to see any of them have to be killed. I bet by this time of the year resources are getting pretty scarce out on the land and more animals are making their way into town. Does the wolf meat get eaten? Never heard of eating wolf. Just wondering.

How is the child who was attacked by the polar bear? And how much is a polar bear pelt worth? I bet that's a pretty penny's worth.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading through your blog after just stumbling across it the other day...well done, well said! (Re: Paul) It must be a surprise for you to see a comment on an old post, but beautiful pics, great musings.
I witnessed similar issues on the northwest coast with the native population though probably not to the degree of what you witness up north.

I have tossed my hat into the ring for NW myself, but it'll probably be spring before that ball rolls. I am glad for the Northern blogs to provide me some education on what to expect or prepare for. Best wishes to you and your family, maybe see you around the North next year depending which direction they decide to send me!