Friday, May 19, 2006

Land of the Midnight Sun...

Hello Everyone,
Well, Its truely the land of the midnight sun, Its Midnight and I'm writing this on the deck, I can see details at approx 5 km's. Attached are a couple of standard northern photo's, actually one is of Willow Ptarmigan. which is a non-flocking bird, which makes these shots more interesting. The other photo, Is I guess the best dressed boat in Baker, I believe the skins are Caribou, however they are of a large size and they are near the art dealers shed (he only hunts young Caribou), So they just might be Muskox. I'll look into it and get back to you.
BTW these photo's were all taken between 9:30 and 11:00, tomorrow I'll be attending a gaming party, which may run late (being of old age, I don't stay up late anymore) this will give me a opportunity to take some photo's beyond Midnight, (and I also place my second liquor order since my arrival).
Take care,

P.S. My thoughts and wishes go to those down south who seem to be suffering a plague of ill fortune, Remeber, the fates have a plan, its just convoluted in the translation.



Anonymous said...

I will pass your message on.Hope you are all well there. Nice pics.So whaty does Melissa do to keep herself busy these days. Christopher sure is growing.So what is the plan for the summer up there. Do they have school like us and they are out those 2 months? There is a crew of us walking in June for the Cancer walk and then on the Sunday following this walk we are walking in London for the Walk for Miracles. Lets hope the weather in nice. We having been having lots of rain lately and it has been cold. I hope to hear from you soon take care.

Anonymous said...

Hello Northern Friends!

SOOOOOOO glad to hear temperatures are heading above zero these days -though I still have a feeling I'll be packing my fuzzies for the trip. The nightime photos are incredible - it must be an amazing feeling - sitting at the top of the world knowing you are experiencing a phenomenon most of us only know by phrase "the midnight sun". Very cool!

Christopher looks like he's having fun playing the games. Has he learned any other local games / songs that he'll be bringing home with him?

Take care all - looking forward to seeing you soon!
Smiles & Chuckles,
T :+)

Anonymous said...

That's midnight?!? Cool. Hope you all are managing to get some sleep. I like all the wildlife shots. Have you got a pic of Muskox? What's the Nunavut eqivalent of the squirrel?

How did the gaming party go? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Just an update on Glenna. I went and seen her on Wednesday and she found out that day the dr's give her 2 years . They had to remove some bone from her scalp. Her greatest fear is her dad outliving her. He is 88.I hope it ok to let you know how Glenna is.The weather is getting warm again and it is so hot in the store. I also enjoy the pics . Hope to talk soon