Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Seasons are Changing

Hello Everyone,
Well Its been a long time coming but winter is losing its daily battle to stay. The thaw has begun in earnest, daily temps are aound or above zero. The seagulls have returned and the Ravens have left. The Sic Sic's are coming out of thier holes (arctic ground squirrels). Snowmobiles are being parked closer and closer to the lake daily, Since the snow is dissapearing in town and snowmobiles don't do well on dirt people leave thier snowmobiles at the receeding snow line. So now we have a mobile parking lot that moves a couple of feet a day.
We had our share of sorrow this week as well, Bennie (our big cat) had to be put down. When we arrived here he was over 20lbs and a pretty happy cat. Since we got here his weight fell to about 8 lbs, he also lost controls of his bowels, since he wasnt' getting better we decided it was better to let him go. We have had him for over 10 years. We'll miss him.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

You DO have squirrels!! Cool. And I'm sorry about Benny. Poor kitty. That's what happened to Oreo.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your cat. We have a new puppy it is a beagle cockapoo.What a terror it is.He tears up everything and justs runs all over the house. Are you happy to see the snow disappearing?