Friday, September 15, 2006

Sealift and Friday's News

Hello Everyone,
Well today was sealift, and let me tell you all these teachers who get excited about sealift should have to work a entire sealift, not one order, that would take the starch out of their shorts in a hurry. The pictures are before and after. We worked 70,000 lbs of product in 9 hours, and I'm tired so I hope I'm forgiven for mistakes and possibly a rather dim view of the world at this moment. Attached are photo's of before and after sealift.
Ok, now the news we've been promising. I didn't get any official word this week as expected however I'm not one to lure people with promises and then not deliver due to someone else failings. Melissa and I have been very interested from the beginning in being in a more southernly position. We have spoken with many people in some wonderful first nation communities, we have also heard some incredible horror stories from some locations. While living amoung the Inuit we have met alot of very nice people in some very nice locations, While many of these communities are troubled with social problems, our safety and security have never been in question. After lenghty discussions we have decided, at least for the next year we are going to stay amongst the Inuit, and with a 90% certainty we are going to stay specifically in Repulse Bay. This is a wonderful community, that is dealing with its social problems in a positive way. The store, while being small, offers great challenges that focus themselves towards my talents. The daycare and community have welcomed us openly and while we realize there will e challenges and opportunities involved in this "new position", I for one am excited by what I can contribute to this community and this store. My family is equally looking forward to more time in this wonderful place and town. So for the next year "we will remain north of the circle".
Thank-you everyone for your support.
Take Care


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's all I can say. About both the sealift and the news. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Curtis I think you have found what was looking for you. I am surprised by the news that you would stay there for so long. If you do go south where were you planning to go? By the way they were pretty graphic pics.I hope all stays well and good for you and the family,all the best .