Monday, September 18, 2006


Hello Everyone,
Its now 8:52 pm central standard time and Melissa and I just got inside. I went out for a smoke about 5 minutes ago and saw a large glowing light in the western sky at approx. 30 degree's above the horizon line. I watched it for about a minute thinking it was a bright airplane but the speed seemed wrong or it was flying real low. Then as it passed to the south you could start to see the firey trail behind it, I yelled for Melissa to get out and see this object. It took her about 45 seconds for her to come out. The object was a bright white with a red aura as if it was passing through the atmosphere and burning up, the tail must have been several miles long. It was yellow, green and red. The intensity of the light never varied through the object or the tail, which I would have expected if it was a meteorite passing through the atmosphere. Its path seemed to be straight rather than degrading. It passed through our whole horizon from 15 degree's to about 120 degree's in about 3.5 minutes. Its speed was hard to judge but it was certainly faster than any plane I've ever seen, I have seen the concord and many fighter jets fly. What we saw was more detailed and intense than any photo's of a comet, or meteorite either of us have ever seen. Both of us have limited history witnessing these events but we did watch the pinacle of "hail bop" and it rated about 10% of what we just witnessed.
Has anyone heard news of a large metorite or any other event that would help us explain what we just saw?
Take Care
And yes, I'm another idiot who was too stupid to tell the wife to get outside WITH A CAMERA


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you finally got your cargo. I imagine that will be the last of the ships to come your way this year.

So you have decided to stay in the far north - I can't say I am surprised. If you had been posted further south, where abouts were they talking.

That must have been quite the event to see the harvesting of the whale. I had heard that not much of it goes to waste as the natives use different parts etc. for all kinds of things besides eating. Do they still use the whale oil made from blubber for oil lamps?

I was disappointed in not seeing a picture of the ufo. Perhaps it was a space craft - I think the Russians just launched one, in which a civilian paid 20 million to ride aboard.

Glad to hear that you are continuing your adventure and look forward to events in your daily life.

Take care and all the best - Rosalie

Curtis Groom said...

Well, If what we saw was a spacecraft leaving atmosphere, I don't thin we'll ever see that craft again becuase this thing spent way too long in the atmosphere to survive. We had no idea where we would end up, Melissa just wanted to head to the tree line initially. Ideally we want to end up at a store linked to a road or rail line to civilization.

Anonymous said...

Idiot!!! lol. Go on Coast to Coast's web site to see if there's any info about it.

Curtis Groom said...

Ok, apparently it was a comet as there are similiar reports out of Igloolik last night just a couple of minutes later. But it was still really cool, the lack of light pollution up here really made it quite a show.

Anonymous said...

You are having quite the adventure.I also am not surprised that you are staying there.The pictures you must have will be so great for later life to look back on. Christoper is really have the life experiences others will never have. Speakingof Christopher how is he doing? What does he do with his days?How is his speech doing?Well it looks like Melissa is going to have to get right in there and help out sooner then anticipated. All the best